Peace Love & Photography is a web-series in real-time and documentary film in production about Ashley’s & Filip’s journey around the World producing ABC Charity.

It is an inspirational story about one couple who gave up everything they owned to raise money for charity and to inspire thousands of kids around the World. It is a story showing how you can use art to make a positive difference in the World.


It all started with a dream and no plan, when Filip a professional photographer from Sweden, gave up a successful career in advertising to pursue his dream of raising money for charity and helping kids through his ABCharity project. He began filming the entire process of making this dream a reality in November 2008, from closing up his business that he ran with his brother Peter and a couple of employees to setting off into the World. His travels took him to Canada where he met Ashley, a well-seasoned traveler, artist & actress who had dreams of starting her own charity while using her artistic abilities for a greater purpose. Unbelievably the moment they met was captured on film and the rest became history. Ashley also packed up her belongings into a 30kg bag and set off with Filip to help make the impossible possible. Together they became Peace Love & Photography a platform which aims at branding a caring lifestyle as fun and exciting, hoping to inspire our youth to affect positive changes in their lives and in their communities.

From sleeping on blowup mattresses to living with families in Africa, Ashley & Filip are making the seemingly impossible, possible and are capturing it all on film to show that you can make a difference while making your dreams come to.

The web-series makes it possible for people to follow the day to day journey in real time through good times and struggle. It is an interactive web-series encouraging people from all over the World to participate in the project and help them create inspiring events for kids.

From inception to completion this documentary follows the struggles and triumphs of what happens when you let go of everything but the faith and belief that dreams can come true. The documentary film will be released once the alphabet is complete and will show the whole journey from the beginning to the end. The film will be submitted to film festivals around the World, the documentary film is a part of the PR campaign for ABC Charity and the aim is to air it in all Countries the letters are produced to increase the sales of the letters.

Peace Love & Photography is founded by; Ashley Cooper and Filip Cederholm.


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